ciciVIEW .sldasm, .sldprt
ciciVIEW .fbx
ciciVIEW .dae, .zae
ciciVIEW .obj
ciciVIEW .osgb, .osgt, .osg, .osgx
ciciVIEW .3ds


ciciVIEW Free

ciciVIEW Professional

Cross-platform support for Mac & Windows
64-bit architecture
OpenGL 3.2 support
API: C++, .NET
Interface & Workflow
Multiple projects open at once
Customizable toolbars / layouts / menus
Standard and dark interface schemes
Heads-up display
Selection / display filters
Stereo display in Viewport
Object highlighting
Available in 2 languages
Data Exchange / Format Support
Image formats: bmp, tiff, jpg, png
Read OpenSceneGraph file: osg, ive, osgt, osgb
Read Autodesk FBX file: fbx
Read Wavefront OBJ file: obj
Read 3D-Studio file format: 3ds
Read LightWave 3D scene file: lws
Read Stereolithography file: stl
Read COLLADA file: dae
Write OpenSceneGraph file: osg, ive, osgt, osgb
Write Autodesk FBX file: fbx, fbx-dae, fbx-obj
Write Wavefront OBJ file: obj
Write 3D-Studio file format: 3ds
Write OSG.JS file: osgjs
Write Stereolithography file: stl
Write COLLADA file: dae
Materials & Texturing
12 standard material channels: Color, Diffusion, Luminance, Transparency, Reflection, Environment, Fog, Bump, Normal, Alpha, Glow, Displacement
Shading models: Lambertian, Blinn–Phong
Fresnel Shader incl. IOR
Light Types: Omni, Spot, Infinite
Hard, Soft, Area shadows
Render to image of custom size
Render instances
Multi-Pass output
Ambient Occlusion
Stereo rendering
Depth of Field post effect
Physical Sky
Embree Integration
Light Mapping
Normal Pass
HDR rendering
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